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Melted Crayon Art

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Today the girls and I made our first melted crayon pictures.  These are all over Pinterest right now, so we wanted to try it out for ourselves.  We were really pleased with the results, and I think I had just as much, if not more, fun as the girls.  So here is how we did it.

Step 1: Gather supplies.  You will need a glue gun, foam board or canvas, hair dryer, and lots of crayons.  We did our first ones on the foam board because it was cheaper, but I like the way the canvas one turned out better.  We also discovered that brand matters when it comes to crayons.  For best results, use Crayola.  We also sorted our crayons by color group into four plastic cups.

Step 2:  Arrange your crayons at the top of your board in whatever order you want them in.  My girls decided they wanted to do a rainbow.

Step 3:  Hot glue your crayons to your board.  I did this part for the girls because they are not quite ready to handle the glue gun, but they helped me by making sure they were in the right place, and lined up correctly.


Step 4: Lean you board up against a wall.  We did ours outside.  Beware:  the wax will splatter, so make sure you have something under and behind your board.  And wear clothes you don’t mind messing up.


Step 5: Get your hair dryer and start blowing.  Start slowly.  We started on low heat and then moved up to high heat after a minute or two.  You kinda have to play around when your aim.  We also learned that some of the colors melt faster than others.  For instance, red was the slowest, but orange was the fastest.

Step 6: Play around with it.  If your not happy with how it looks, blow it some more.  It will dry fast, but if you need to go back over it, it melts again fast too.  You can also change the angle of your board against the wall for slower or faster drips.

Here are some of our finished projects

Crayon Rainbow on Foam Board

Pastel Colors on Canvas

Pastel Colors on Canvas with Embellishment



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