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Not What We Expected

We have made a practice of praying together in the truck before we go into the doctor’s office each time.  Yesterday we prayed for good news.  We have heard so much bad news in the past week, that we needed some hope.  We needed a ray of light, and that is exactly what we got!!!

“Well, you still have cancer, but it’s not rectal cancer like we thought. You have lymphoma.”

Let the hallelujah dancing, as a friend calls it, begin!!!  Yes, D still has cancer.  Yes, it’s still going to be a long, hard road. Yes, we are still going to need help, and yes, we definitely still need your prayers.  BUT….this means no surgery, no colostomy, and no genetic risk for the girls.  This also means survival rate is much higher!!!

So, D will be going in tomorrow to have a bone marrow biopsy just to make sure it has not spread to the bone marrow.  If that comes back clear then the tumor has not metastasized anywhere else in his body.  He will also be getting a medi port put in which requires a minor outpatient surgery.  Then we will go back to the doctor next Wednesday, and he will start chemo next Friday.

God is so good!!!  The power of prayer has been shown.  Thank you all for your prayers and help.  We still need it, but there is hope at the end of the road.




3 Responses to “Not What We Expected”

  1. John

    Dustin and Lindsey,

    So glad for the latest news…Kim and I have been praying – and we will not stop. This is a beatable form, and if I know Dustin, he will approach this fight right. Prayers for you guys.
    John and Kim Meador

  2. Sheila Hutton

    God does work miracles and prayer is so powerful! HE does know our heart and how broad our shoulders are. HE doesn’t put more on us than we can handle as Dustin already knows. I will continue to pray right along with your christian brothers and sisters. The Lord has you under his wing and will see you through.

  3. Gloria Irving

    Dustin and Lindsey, I saw your Facebook a few moments ago and my prayers are with you and your family. God is a healer and I will be one of your prayer warriors. So glad for the positive news today and for your faithful outlook. Praying!

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